Saturday, December 10, 2016

25 Days of Creepy Christmas - Creepy Nativities

Nativity plays and nativity sets are a key part of the Christmas season. Denise's mother was an avid collector of nativity sets and she kept them up all year long. We eventually inherited several of them. Most Christian homes and even secular homes put up at least one set during the holidays. But sometimes, something goes horribly wrong in the design of a nativity set. These rather, um...unique, sets are perfect for Creepy Christmas!

So here we have something out of Planet of the Apes:

When food and nativities combine, well, things get bizarre! We heave two meat nativities here. The second one is made from Spam, if you could call that meat.

We have no idea what this is suppose to mimic. Something from a Mars star base?

We like chickens and everything, but really...the chicken angels are a nice touch (mmmphhh)

Apparently, this one features Mary, drowning? Maybe she's in a spacesuit? Does that mean baby Jesus can breathe in space? And if you shake this up, are those sprinkles of brain from Mary's head? Should one shake the Virgin Mary violently?

What would Christmas be without zombies? Now these are admittedly less gruesome than the typical zombie. The X eyes remind me of the shootout scene in "A Christmas Story."

This is our favorite one and we definitely need this for our house!

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