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  1. Love the podcast. Very entertadining!!5 stars. Keep up the great work!

  2. I want to suggest a location for the podcast . Hurracane Mills Tn. Home of country singer loretta Lynn .There have been many ghost sittings there. Thanks .Sherri DeArmond

  3. It's Veteran's Day. I was doing some research about by great uncle J. Grant Snow who was killed on the USS Torsk. Angered is too light a word to describe my feelings as I heard you and your co-host speak so flippantly about his tragic death. And then to completely fabricate a post-mortem haunting story? J. Grant was kind, generous, valiant, and loved by all who served by his side. It's unfortunate that his story is being used to garner listeners - J. Grant, as a Veteran, a Patriot, and a damn good human being doesn't deserve that treatment. I've already contacted the USS Torsk Board of Directors to ensure that his name is protected. They've done nothing to perpetuate the story. You know why? Because they knew J. Grant for the man he was. Not a ghost, but one of the finest men to lay down his life in defense of our freedom. This is upsetting to say the least.