Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Haunted Honolulu Police Department

A friend of the show shared the following video with us:
Apparently, the police department is quite haunted with supernatural experiences taking place in several areas.  The Honolulu Police Department was built on the original site for Honolulu's transportation barn where buses and street cars were housed during the 1800s. Two workmen were servicing a car in the barn when another trolley car came rolling in for service. Neither the men, nor the trolley car operator saw each other and the men were crushed to death.

The police department houses a museum on the first floor full of police artifacts and uniforms.  These items could possibly be imprinted with something from previous owners.  A former police officer details some of the experiences that have happened in the museum, including a several pound mannequin being found upside down, standing on its head.  Other people have seen the mannequin blink or move.

These stories remind us of the recent report of hauntings at the Espanola Police Station.  Whenever police report supernatural activity, it is much easier to believe because they are credible witnesses.  So is this police department in Honolulu haunted?  That is for you to decide, but the accounts sure seem believable to us! 

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