Thursday, July 30, 2015

Plymouth Ghost Tour - Did We Catch Ghost Activity?

So what are your thoughts? This was the first time we have had anything "strange" happen while we were on a ghost tour. We were more in awe than scared by the activity. We tried debunking and finding a reason why the light would turn on by itself. As open minded skeptics we believe in the paranormal, but we do not readily jump to the conclusion that a ghost caused something supernatural to happen. We'd love your thoughts. We don't believe this was staged by the company because the woman with us was very believable and she claimed it had never happened before. We also had spent the night "tempting the spirits" as Denise would say by sitting in certain chairs or having men climb the stairs at the cemetery to see if a female ghost would engage. Nothing happened all evening. At this point in the night, the woman with us - who was not the official guide - was telling a story about an event that had happened in the past. We thought it was a weird "coincidence" that right after she said she had told her friend to just ignore the supernatural activity that had happened to her, that the light clicks on as if the spirit was listening and wanted to prove we could not ignore ghostly activity.

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