Monday, August 10, 2015

Want To Be An Executive Producer Of The Podcast?

We have updated our Patreon page and support page to reflect changes we have made in regards to financial donors. We consider these people to be Executive Producers of the show because they are financially backing it. These people will now be credited on the podcasts as such and on our support page. This is the real deal, so add it to resumes: Executive Producer of the History Goes Bump Podcast. If you give monthly as a recurring donation, we will credit you on each podcast for each month you donate. If you give us a one-time donation, you will be credited on each podcast for one month.

Listeners may have noticed this month, August 2015, that we have only been posting a podcast once a week, rather than our regular every 5 days and sometimes more often. We have pulled back on production because the show is not only still not covering its monthly expenses, but of the $771.82 expenses we have racked up in our first 10 months of production (equipment, programs, voiceovers and monthly hosting for the podcast and website), we have only received $300.99 in donations. $200 of which came from Mom and Dad (does that count?) which helped us to host two contests. So that leaves us $470.83 still in the hole and we are $3 short each month of covering our hosting expenses for the podcast and website. 

As part of full disclosure, here is the breakdown:

Equipment (microphones, mixer, wires, mic holders, headphones and programs) - $491.82
Voiceovers: $50.00
Podcast Storage & Bandwidth: $15 x 10 months - $150
Website hosting: $8 x 10 months - $80

That's $771.82 in expenses.
Most podcasts do not produce the amount of content we were without having a bunch of monetary support - the host of Lore announced on his last podcast that despite lots of requests for more than 20 minutes every 2 weeks, he wouldn't do more until he was making enough to do it full-time. And that's with him having sponsorships. 

We are commited to making this our collective show rather than some affiliate or company's show. Even $1 makes a difference! Just want to be completely transparent with our great community of listeners and keep you in the loop since we know some people were wondering!

Click here to become an Executive Producer!

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