Thursday, September 2, 2021

HGB Ep. 400 - The Whispers Estate

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Moment in Oddity - Pharaoh Covers Servants in Honey to Attract Flies (Suggested by: Scott Booker)

Pepi II Neferkare was pharaoh over Egypt in the Sixth Dynasty. He came to the throne at the age of six, so his mother Ankhesenmeryre II served as regent. According to some historians, Pepi II was the longest serving pharaoh of all, holding his position for 90 years. Others say that was a misreading of numbers. Whatever the case, he served a long time with his reign serving as the decline of the Old Kingdom. Pharaohs would lose their dominant central power at this time. One reason Pharaohs had been able to maintain so much authority was because a special ceremony was held for each in which they were imbued with the spirit of Osiris and thus the people considered the pharaoh to be a god. Pepi II's name was Neferkare meaning "Beautiful is the Ka of Re," which literally means beautiful is the soul of the sun god. With a name like that and believing you were a god, it's not surprising that you would do some crazy things. Pepi II hated flies, so he was never without several naked servants around him, covered in honey so that they would attract the flies away from him. And that, certainly is odd!

This Month in History - Squeaky Fromme Tries to Assassinate President Ford

In the month of September, on the 5th, in 1975, President Gerald Ford survives an assassination attempt. President Ford was walking near the California state capitol when he was approached by a little red-haired woman who was carrying a .45 caliber handgun. As she raised the gun, Secret Service agents tackled her and wrestled the gun from her hands. This woman was Lynette Fromme, but most people know her by her nickname Squeaky. Yep, THAT Squeaky Fromme who hung out with Charlie Manson and his family. She was so desperate to receive his approval that she hatched the assassination plot and tried to carry it out. Fromme was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to life in prison. She didn't serve for life. She was released in 2009. As for President Ford, he was unflappable and continued on to the capitol where he spoke before the California legislature. Ironically, the subject of his speech was crime.

The Whispers Estate (Suggested by: Paranormal Crew from the 502)

The Whispers Estate is located in Mitchell, Indiana and is thought to have been built in 1894 by Dr. George White and his wife Sarah. The estate was then bought by Dr. John Gibbons and his wife Jessie. Dr. Gibbons had his office in the house and ran that practice for twenty-six years. Many adults and children are thought to have died in the house including the doctor's wife Jessie. The house has so much activity, it is thought to be one of the most haunted locations in America and is open for ghost hunting. It's name comes from the fact that so many disembodied voices are heard whispering there. We are joined on this episode by members of the Paranormal Crew from the 502 - Shannon, Eva, Stacy and Dan - to share their experiences investigating the house.

So let's meet the 502 Crew. They introduce themselves and share about some haunting experiences they had that got them started on this path and how they go about investigating locations. (502 Intro)

We asked them about their favorite piece of equipment and in telling us the answer, we hear about the Gates of Hell Cemetery. (502 Equip)

We asked about places they have investigated. It's hard to understand some of this, but the first place mentioned is Bardstown, Kentucky and the Old Talbott Tavern there. (502 Places) We need to do an episode on Bardstown!

Then we started unwrapping the Whispers Estate. (502 Whispers 1) So I wanted to stop there because that is fascinating to me that Dan was drawn to a place that was special to this child spirit that is believed to be autistic, Gary, and Dan has a child who is autistic. There something happening here on a different level. And how did that spirit know there was this kinship? It's like Cedric who joined us a couple episodes ago, revealing that a spirit comforted him on the Gettysburg Battlefield when he was having a PTSD moment. (502 Int)

Jarret Marshall had owned the house in 2007 and he was interviewed by WTHR News about the hauntings. Marshall thinks that his renovating of the house into a bed and breakfast stirred things up. He said, "The house really is two houses. In the daytime it's just a beautiful house and in the nighttime, it wakes up kind-of. I heard footsteps on the stairs and we've actually heard her [Rachel] sing, 'Ring Around the Rosey' in the middle of the night. There was a couple in here that woke up in the middle of the night and there was something standing by their bed. Things standing in the doorways, doors open and close, things tap on the walls, move the bed. We've had two people that actually left in the middle of the night because it was just too much for them. I think she's definitely still here. You actually hear a child singing. We all were sitting downstairs one night and we heard 'mommy'." 

There is a video up on the Whispers Estate website that features some interesting evidence caught using the phone app Spiritus. They caught some interesting EVP and words with the app. Seemed to be talking to a male who was trapped by something evil. The investigators names were Eric and Laura. Eric handed the phone to Laura and she asked if the spirit could tell them his name. It said "I can." Eric asked if the spirit knew Laura's name and it said "Duncan," which is apparently her last name. That would have creeped us out a bit because she hadn't said her full name. Supposedly the last name of the man who died in the bathtub was Henderson and that name came across the app. They turned off the light and it said "The lights stopped working."

These sound like some folks we would enjoy doing a ghost hunt with and the Whispers Estate sounds like an interesting place, especially that Oculus Room. Is the Whispers Estate haunted? That is for you to decide!

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